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As enthusiastic entrepreneurs and owners of an independent business, we are on the path to making our financial goals a reality.  Read our information below about how our company started, our franchise system, and what we can do to make your financial goals a reality.

Our Story

Founded in 2012, by Ray Perez and Bill & Connie Rogers, Happy Cow Frozen Yogurt quickly proved itself to be a favorite with its customers. Within a matter of months from the grand opening of our first store, we were busy and generated enough traffic to begin planning our second store.   With our brand recognition in place, we opened our second store just 17 miles from our first location, and far exceeded our initial projections and doubled the sales volume of our first grand opening event.  It was clear to us at that moment, it was time to pursue franchise opportunities and allow others to share in our success and grow our brand more broadly.    

We will share our recipe for success; a customer centric philosophy, the highest quality products, and a brand that promotes an experience that sets us apart from our competitors.   Combined, we have more than 50 years of experience in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance and Risk Management.  We specialize in Restaurant Operations, and know how to streamline a yogurt store so that even someone with no restaurant experience can be successful.   We will be with you each step of the way, and your success will be our success!

What Makes Happy Cow Frozen Yogurt® Better Than Other Frozen Yogurt Chains?

Prior to creating our brand, we toured more than 30 independent yogurt stores across three states.   We developed an idea of what we liked, and what we did not.  We learned what was successful and what others did that hampered their growth.  We did not want to be like every other chain and our patron feedback tells us that we got our model right.  There are many frozen yogurt stores in the market, but none quite like Happy Cow. We envisioned a brand that make others feel at home.  That is realized by our dark rich floors, crown molding, and Corian countertops.   We also wanted to attract kids of all ages, and this was achieved with our adorable cow mascot.  We focused on colorful, warm and inviting furniture and fixtures while making the experience fun and memorable.   Our in-store graphics tell a story about our desert concept and our slogan, “C’mon Get Happy”, communicates exactly what we strive to deliver.

We focused on every detail as if we were building our home, and our patrons, (young and old alike) compliment us on how cute and adorable the décor is.  Our guests tell us that visiting Happy Cow Frozen Yogurt® is more than just getting dessert.  Most recently, Happy Cow Frozen Yogurt was voted #1 two years in a row in our area by consumers for Best Ice Cream/Dessert, beating out top brands like ColdStone, Baskin Robins, Bruster’s and Twistee Treat!

The leaders of Happy Cow Frozen Yogurt® know what it takes to run a successful business.  We have been dedicated to making our model a success and we want our future franchisees to know that we care about your investment. You will have access to a strong network of talent and will have someone available to guide you through the process from Day One onward.

We have a motto at Happy Cow Frozen Yogurt that we do not serve customers, we serve guests. A customer is a one-time purchaser of a good or service.  A guest is someone you invite into your home.  Our guests mean the world to us and they come back again and again.  We know how to secure repeat business and that is the key to any business model. We like to say we are NOT the flavor of the month!

We are not like some of those other chains that have a parent-child relationship with franchisees.  We will give you a lot of freedom to run your business. You shouldn’t have to ask permission to sign up for a community event, or to place an ad in a specific publication. We consider you to be an extension of our Happy Cow family, and as such, we welcome ideas and suggestions to further our mutual success.

Of course! You will get all the training you need. We will do a lot of hands on training in our stores. We don’t expect you to learn everything about running a frozen yogurt store in a classroom like some other chains. You will actually work in the stores to learn all that there is to know about the day-to-day procedures and operations. We will spend time ensuring that you are equipped with the knowledge that we have gained.  We pass along valuable information on critical business continuity information, financial planning, and much, much more.

The construction process can be very confusing.  That’s why we have done all the work for you. We already have everything picked out that you will need in your store. Our construction manual will function as a guide and contains trade secrets for your General Contractor while building your store. Depending on your location, we can also send our contractor who already has experience in building our stores.

Once we have received your franchise agreement and franchise fee payment. The next step is to select your location. We know that you know your town better than anyone.  We will help and advise you on finding the best location for your business. Once you have selected your location, and we have verified that your desired territory is available to you, you can secure your location and the construction process can begin.  Construction can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. There are additional factors that play a part in the overall process and we will share in detail how to minimize the timeline.

Yes! It can be very costly if you don’t have experience in this industry. There is a large learning curve. Just a few simple mistakes could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Signing bad contracts, product spoilage, employee theft, spending too much on rent, spending funds on advertising that sounds great but actually won’t work, etc. are undesirable situations that we can help you avoid. Not to mention all the time you would spend searching for yogurt machines, vendors, cup suppliers, etc.  We provide support through it all, and we will share all of our knowledge with you.

How does the Happy Cow Frozen Yogurt® franchise fee compare to other frozen yogurt store franchises?

The following information is from We will try to keep these figures up to date as each individual franchise may change/increase its price. Our own figures are up to date and directly from our franchising information.

Franchise Fees






Yogurt Mountain


Happy Cow Frozen Yogurt®

Frozen Yogurt Industry in 2016 at a Glance

Americans may be more aware of their diets these days, but they certainly have no less of a sweet tooth. Frozen yogurt, a hybrid between the traditional ice cream dessert and the healthier (and hipper) yogurt based products, is an innovative way for customers to “have their cake, and eat it too.”  Although the popularity of the frozen yogurt franchise industry suffered a decline in the late 1990’s, the category has been making a colossal comeback in the last decade, with a new generation of flavors, toppings, and store settings leading the charge. With this new wave of frozen yogurt franchises blossoming, new franchisees will find that this industry is nowhere near its freezing point.

Source: FranchiseHelp

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